Chief of Naval Staff, Bangladesh Navy
Chairman, Indian Ocean Naval Symposium

I am indeed proud to be the Chair of IONS which has emerged as an effective multilateral co-operative contrust of IOR Navies. You will appreciate that the geo-political and geo-strategic significance of the Indian Ocean has gained more prominence than before. The growing number of countries showing interest in IONS manifested this fact during our last conclave in Dhaka which culminated with numbers of tangible outcomes to bolster IONS initiatives.

I like to reinstate that, during my tenure, I shall venture to render pragmatic deliverables as an outcome of IONS nations’ cohesion, collaboration and cooperation with all of your support. I am sanguine that your valued contribution to the forum will make it more vibrant and meaningful in the days to come. I urge for your cooperation and support to keep our endeavour of IONS progressing forward in future. Please rest assured of my highest cooperation at all times. Feel free to surf this site and forward any suggestion for improvement.



Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) is a multilateral maritime security initiative undertaken in 2008. In the broader perspective it was initiated taking all the littoral countries of the Indian Ocean (IO) onboard to promote friendly relationship and build professional cooperation among the IOR littorals. It is aimed to promote measures and mechanisms of constructive engagement that bear upon issues of regional maritime security and cooperation in the maritime domain. Over a very short span of time IONS has emerged as one of the largest alliance of navies and maritime security agencies of the world.

This 7 years’ period of IONS has already seen some significant achievements. Importantly, since the inaugural meeting of IONS in 2008, the forum has provided opportunities to discuss and develop a common understanding of the challenges of the vast expanse of IO and address them in keeping with the aspirations to make it safe and secure for the collective maritime wellbeing.

In the last Conclave of Chiefs (CoC) 2014 in Perth, for the first time the Charter of Business (CoB) was adopted by consensus. It is definitely a milestone achievement as the Charter will serve the basis for further cooperation. Some concrete actions have also been instituted by agreeing principally to form three IONS Working Groups (IWG) for collaborative capacity building to synergize each other’s capacity. Currently IONS has 22 members and 04 observer navies and maritime security agencies.

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