Central Theme - Fostering Partnership in IOR: Charting Course for Maritime Cooperative Engagement

Monday 11 January 2016

Session 1


Theme - Geo-strategic and Economic outlook of IOR

Session Moderator
Mr Faruk Sobhan
(Former Ambassador)

Geo-Strategic and Geo-Economic Perspective of Indian Ocean – Transcending Barriers to Maritime Cooperation

Mr Tariq A Karim

Orchestrating a Framework for the Blue Economy in IOR: A Strategic Roadmap

R Adm M Khurshed Alam (retd), Secy, MAU, MOFA

 Open Forum
1235-1330 Lunch Break
Session 2



Theme - Maritime Security in the IOR

Session Moderator – To be Announced

Evolving Maritime Threats: A Confounded Territory of Traditional and Non-Traditional Roles of IONS Navies

Cdre Uday Bhaskar (Retd) IN

Maritime Trade Security in IOR: Scope of Multilateral Cooperation

R Adm M K Iqbal BN

Open Forum

Session 3


Theme – HADR

Session Moderator – To be Announced

Challenges of Climate Change and Natural Disasters: Need for Enhanced Maritime Cooperation and Response

Dr Aiunun Nishat, BRAC University

Cooperative Maritime Search and Rescue in IOR : A Critical Assessment and Lessons Learned

Chief of Navy- Royal Australian Navy

Open Forum

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Session 4



Theme - Maritime Cooperation and Collaboration

Session Moderator – To be Announced

Collaborative Capacity Building of IONS Navies and Maritime Security Agencies: Problems and Prospects

Rear Admiral Sagaren L. Pillay SM, MMM,
South African Navy

Information Sharing and Interoperability: Bridging the Gap of Expectations and Reality

RADM Frederick Chew, Commander, Maritime Security Task Force, Republic of Singapore Navy

Open Forum


Tea Break

Session 5



Theme - Future Outlook

Session Moderator – R Adm A S M A Awal (Retd), BN

Partners beyond Horizon: Feasibility of Indo-Pacific Maritime Cooperation

Professor Toshi Yoshihara

US Naval War College

Charting Course for IONS: Future Outlook and Ways Ahead

Adm Arun Prakash, Former CNS of India

Open Forum

Wrap-up Session


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